A Concept I Doubt America Will Ever Grasp

Posted On August 12, 2009

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I have been tempted lately to launch into some political tirades but those reading my blog probably agree with me. Those who don’t agree with me don’t listen to anyone and I have NO idea how to make a difference in what is progressively the downfall of our nation. So I will satisfy my soapbox urges with this clip which would be really funny if it wasn’t so obviously confusing to the majority of Americans:

For more help on how to follow the advice in the clip above, I highly recommend you visit HERE. Trust me. It will help. And now back to my sewing, organizing, head in the sand world.


One Response to “A Concept I Doubt America Will Ever Grasp”

  1. Sally

    Loved the clip! I have yet to succumb to my urges to get on my soapbox…but I should!