Everything you ever wanted to know about a Father/Son Campout

Posted On August 17, 2009

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If you are losing a tug-of-war with a tiger, give him the rope before he gets to your arm. You can always buy a new rope. Gunther, Max

In my never ending attempt to catch up on my blog, I was searching through pictures and came across these shots of the boys playing tug o war. I had NO idea they did this and I couldn’t remember a Primary activity I had missed. So I asked the experts. Apparently it was at the father-son campout. Ah, yes. I remember that day well.

The kids and I had a homeschool coop that day, followed by staying to play with friends. Within minutes of returning home, the boys left for the overnight male bonding. Within minutes of their departure, I put Pretty Girl down for a nap. Yes, 4:30 was a crazy time to let a baby START a nap but she was exhausted from the day of play and I am not one to EVER get between a child and sleep.

What occurred for the next 10 hours can only be described as surreal. My husband is very good about taking the kids so I have time to myself but after the few hours of solitude, he always does the inevitable – brings them home. I might get out of dinner duty but still get to help with bedtime. And then hubby time. I never ever get a whole evening of JUST me. So what is a wild and crazy gal to do? I organized. And after that, I organized some more. Oh, what a dream.

(Ok, I’m not sure if it’s 10 years of marriage or 5+ years of motherhood that totally skews a person definition of fun but I’m not sure I want to know what I’ll do with a night off in another 5 or 10 years).

My blessed baby woke up at 2:30am at which point I snuck into bed and pretended like it was the middle of the night. I have no idea how long she was awake but I don’t think she left my bed. At any rate, we woke up the next morning both on the bed and both very happily rested and rejuvenated.

As for what actually occurred on the campout itself, this is the “report” I got:
Prince: It was a long long time ago.
Tackler: It was when we were five.

It was only 3 months and they are still 5. Is this guyspeak for “It’s a guy thing” or do I just really need to catch up on my blogging?


5 Responses to “Everything you ever wanted to know about a Father/Son Campout”

  1. Mutti

    I lOVE your take on things. Sounds like a great activity to me. Who is in charge that they don't plan that Campout once a month? In another few years, you will take a nap at 4:30 when you put Pretty Girl's younger siblings down to rest. …Or is that just what grandmothers do??

  2. emma jo

    Time to yourself is always a good thing…I think it's a good thing to miss your own kids every once in a while, it ensures me that I still like them.

  3. Charlotte

    I think you're lucky. The last time I found unidentified photos I was cleaning out a shelf in the laundry room and found them with medical supplies. After a couple minutes I realized they were pictures of Peter's cadaver (he was in med school still) and that means the supplies must be … yep.

    I love time to myself, too. At least it sounds good in theory.

  4. Sally

    Personally I think it's the 5 years of motherhood more then the 10 years of marriage.

  5. Rockholme Lodge

    It probably was a "long time ago" to him. Think of all of the fun things that he has done since that activity. It's not his fault that you've been stuck doing the same humdrum things day in and day out.

    I know, actually it is somewhat his fault that your day is filled with cooking, cleaning, etc, etc; but you know what I mean!