File Folder Game Ideas

Posted On August 24, 2009

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I have not made many file folder games yet and am still looking for what and how. These are someone else’s ideas in an email I got from Kelley:

The first one was on Proper vs. common nouns. I just wrote “Proper Nouns” on one side of the folder and “Common Nouns” on the other. Then I wrote up a list of nouns, cut them out, and put them in a baggie that is paper-clipped to the folder. The kids just pull out the words, read them, and put them on the side they belong on. It was fairly easy for my neurotypical son, but harder for my AS son. He’ll get the concept eventually, but the file folder helped me to see that we still have work to do in that area.

Another game I made was a plotting game, though this one wasn’t my idea. I made a graph numbered up to 6 on the X and Y axis. Then I added a baggie of little chips and a couple of dice. Ideally the dice would be different colors, but I just made some markings around the edge of one to differentiate them. That way when the dice are rolled, you can still see which one corresponds to which axis. When the kids play the game, they roll the dice and put the chips on the corresponding graph point (3,2 or 5,1 or something else like that). I’m hoping that it will make graphing fun and it’ll be something that evolves as we move through our math.

Another game I made matches numerals with their words, like “1” and “one.” This was a challenge for my 7yo because he’s still shaky on the reading, but it’s helping the number words become sight words for him. I’ll probably have him do it again this week.

I’ll tell about one more game. It’s a synonyms game, and is fairly straight-forward. I wrote lots of different words all over the inside of the file folder. Then I made up a worksheet with words that are sysnonyms of the ones inside the folder. When the kids play the game, they have to match the words on the folder with the ones on the worksheet. I’ll probably do ones for antonyms, rhyming words, and probably homonyms, too.


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  1. Kelley

    Thanks Channing. I'm glad you liked the ideas. I have pictures of all the games I've made; now I just need to post them. Somehow that's the hardest part. 🙂