I am a soccer mom and I drive a minivan

Posted On August 25, 2009

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Is there less negative connatation with “soccer mom” if I am also a football mom, tennis mom and tball mom?
How about if I am a soccer coach instead of a soccer mom?
Still no?
What if I explain the difference between being a coach and a mom?

Instead of sitting on the sidelines not chatting with the other moms (because, let’s face it, you know where I live), I am ON the field, running around like crazy, trying to pretend like I’m not 4 months pregnant.
My minivan is not filled just with 3 kids (two soccer players and one crazy playground climber) but also two goals and a bag the size of all 3 kids filled with balls, rackets, cones, cleats and uniforms.
Oh and most importantly, the only pictures I got of the entire season were from picture day which I organized myself.

Since he learned you can be clueless and do an adequate job of coaching, for fall soccer I have roped dear dad into being a co-coach. That means instead of watching the baby during practice and joining me in ignoring the baby during games while we both coach (we had 3 simultaneous games each week), he will do some of the running around while 8 month pregnant mom will hopefully eat bonbons on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Dad has also been roped into being an assistant coach for football and apparently the “no tackling” is more a rule than a suggestion. I won’t mention which of my kids has been threatened with a sideline sit for thinking football should be football even if you are only 5.

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6 Responses to “I am a soccer mom and I drive a minivan”

  1. Sally

    If you do decide to run up and down the sidelines for fall soccer while 8 months pregnant I'll need pictures!

  2. emma jo

    Man, I thought we kept busy…reading about your activities just makes me tired! What a fun time for the fam!

  3. Rockholme Lodge

    remind me to tell you about the women's softball team that I coached

  4. Vi 12s

    Hey- I don't care what people say- I LOVE mini-vans! Cute pics- those boys are adorable!

  5. Mutti

    I'll come take pictures!

  6. Charlotte

    I think there is some sort of prize for being a soccer, football, tennis, & tball mom at the same time. But when you're done you might need a straight jacket- that is a lot of running around!