The Question I was Dying to Answer

Posted On August 25, 2009

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No one has asked me any doubting questions about homeschooling since I became confident in my answers. Until today. I finally got to answer the most dreaded (perhaps because it’s the most absurd) of all.
My neighbor took a break from weeding to join me on the front porch where I was strapping my rollerblades on my one year old. (And their education is what is of most concern??)
Out of the blue she asked how long I intend to homeschool. Until it no longer works.
Do you have a projected grade in mind though? 12th.
How will that work with socialization though? I try to get out with my friends occasionally.
She laughed.
How will you do it without going crazy? I laughed and told her, while hugging the 5 year old who is most driving me batty, “The kids keep me sane”.

Ah yes. Socialization. Whose socialization is most in jeopardy? Mine of course! With 2 sports a season and a dozen kids in the classroom (well, 4 at least – hopefully more), I think alone time for every one of us is of more concern than socializing.


3 Responses to “The Question I was Dying to Answer”

  1. Kez

    I couldn't agree more about our socialisation being the issue 🙂

  2. Leann

    Our daughter says, "when do I get to go to 'real' school?"
    My husband answers, "when you are grown up, you'll go to college." 🙂
    Leann from HS Sisters

  3. {leah}

    I haven't had to answer any questions to people yet about homeschooling, but I have thought about some good comebacks if it ever comes up.

    …just take a walk through any public school and show me the traits that you want your kids to emulate…

    Thanks for peeking in.