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Posted On August 27, 2009

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Ha ha. You thought I was giving away a free home. Nope, just sharing my dream. I have made lists such as this several times over the years but I am hoping in a couple years my dream will turn into reality and I thought it would be kinda handy if I actually knew WHERE my list resided.

I would LOVE to hear feedback on my wishlist. If you disagree with me – I must know WHY before I get what I thought I wanted but didn’t. If I left out necessities, please tell me that too!

Upstairs laundry room:
I think laundry would be so much less of a chore if it could happen right there where we strip and dress. No more running to the basement with baskets. No more baby crying at the top of the stairs because she really can’t bear to not help.

Gigantic upstairs laundry room:
I am very particular about my laundry and I sort into various loads. I like to do it as the laundry arrives so I need space for baskets of every type of load. I also love the idea of a family closet – which we almost have now (4 of the 5 of us). I want an entire HUGE wall of shelves for each family member. Infrequently worn, space taking, or non washed items (like dresses, suits, ties) can go in each person’s room but the stuff I have to put away, I would love to be just a step away. This would also cut down on the pull all the clothes out of the dresser and leave them on the floor act that kids seem so prone to.

Laundry shoot:
If for some bizarre reason I settle for a downstairs laundry room I MUST have a laundry shoot.

Accessible backyard:
I want to see my kids in the backyard from some frequently used room in the house and I want it easily accessible. If there is a deck, I want it only a step or two up and I want big doors that make it easy and inviting to step outside.

3 floor minimum:
I am a privacy seeking gal. I want a bazillion kids but I want them (and me) to be able to escape when necessary. The only time I feel this need met is when there are at least 3 finished floors in a house.

I would like to be within 5 min of the library. If we could walk there or the kids could bike there, that would be even better.

Okay, that’s it. I will be back to update soon but that’s all I can think of right now.


5 Responses to “Dream Home Giveaway”

  1. Sally

    I agree with most of it. I have thought a lot about a family closet myself and I have not decided one way or the other. My only thing is privacy – how exactly does that work when the kids are older? Teenagers (and occasionally moms) try on several outfits – so are they in and out of the closet and back and forth from their rooms? That is my only thought, but perhaps the many benefits out weight it. I just had another thought – you have lots of boys, I have lots of girls – perhaps that will be more of a problem for me =-)

  2. Twinlinebackers

    Privacy is not something we consider much around here. I also had not considered how it would be different when they got older. Since we don't go to school I assume we'll have fewer instances of changing outfits and everyone trying to get dressed at the same time. I would put a mirror in there so we don't have to traipse back to our rooms.

  3. The Lazy Organizer

    I put everything in my house on one floor because as much as I love my privacy, I am much too lazy to do stairs all day.

    If I had built a bigger house I would have done a family dressing room/closet. My idea was to build it in the middle of one part of the house with bedrooms all around the outside with doors to the closset so you could grab your clothes and then dress in your room. Either that or have two separate little dressing rooms inside the closet.

    As it is now the washing machine is one step away from our closet so the laundry is very easy for me and the kids do their own laundry. I love it!

    Bathrooms? Our bedrooms are a little on the small side so we could have more space where we really needed it. I love my big bathrooms! There is actually room to turn around in them. The shower in our master bathroom is completely enclosed so we are nice and toasty when we shower.

    What about your kitchen? I didn't do the best job of planning my kitchen but it's livable.

  4. Twinlinebackers

    I would much rather have lots of little rooms than big rooms. I need lots of wall space for bookshelves.

    I didn't mention bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens because I can't figure out what I want. I know I have major complaints about most kitchens but I can't picture what I want. Lazy, what would you do differently in the kitchen you have?

  5. The Lazy Organizer

    If I had bumped my kitchen wall out 2-3 feet it would have been fine. One of the things I like about it is that I don't have any upper cabinets but I have a big pantry that holds everything I need.