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Posted On August 28, 2009

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I stumbled across an amazing little lunch today.
Yesterday for dinner I broiled zucchini. I used to not be a zucchini fan (my only recipe was called “zucchini that’s actually eatable”) but I discovered a way to eat it like candy. Slice it thin, drizzle oil and either garlic salt or sea salt, then place under the broiler (grill would probably be even better) until it starts to brown, flipping once.

Last week when I made it no one would touch it and I ate the entire pan myself fresh cookie style (that’s where you sneak another piece every time you walk through the kitchen).

Last night it wasn’t finished until we (me and two kids) were finished eating (angel hair and diced eggplant) so not a lot was eaten. Today I took our leftover angel hair pasta and the leftover zucchini and chopped them in my pampered chef chopper. That way the zucchini pieces are small enough that no one can complain. It looked a lot like rice or roni minus all the chemicals.

It was delicious. The one yr old wouldn’t taste it but once I pryed open her mouth and stuck in a bite she gobbled up the rest and even snuck a bite from her brother’s unattended bowl. One boy devoured it and THANKED ME! for it. The non veggie eater declared it gross and just stared at it. I took the baby upstairs to bed and told him if it wasn’t gone when I came back down, I got to eat it AND his granola bar (another recipe I need to share w/ you). About 2 minutes later his was gone so I’m assuming the complaints were just an act and he secretly loved it.

The biggest failure of the event was that I didn’t make enough and all I got to do was lick the bowls and sneak a few bites of the baby’s lunch. There you have it. An entire novel on our lunch. Go make yourself some. Then call me so I can lick your bowl clean too.


3 Responses to “Easy delicous healthy lunch”

  1. Leann

    I just found that in the Farmer's Wife Gardening book! Unfortunately, we are all out of zuccini 😦
    Leann from HS Sisters

  2. The Lazy Organizer

    So you put the zucchini and the noodles in the food processor? Any spices? Broiled zucchini sounds great and I have a ton of it.

  3. Twinlinebackers

    Not the food processor – the hand chopper. You don't want it pulverized – just chopped into the size you might feed a one year old. I think I put olive oil and sea salt on it.

    I tried to make it again this week but I lost my zucchini. How does one lose a container of broiled zucchini?