I need a new kitchen

Posted On September 4, 2009

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Some things in life are wants. Others are true needs. And I need a kitchen makeover. Please look at this link. If you live near me and have an old ugly entertainment center – or know someone who does – may I please have it? Pretty please? I’ll use my other kitchen to make you up a batch of something yummy if you do.
Thanks. Pretty Girl will thank you too.


5 Responses to “I need a new kitchen”

  1. Sally

    SO CUTE! I hope you find an entertainment center and then share your project – I'm excited to see a finished project!

  2. Darcy

    I'd love to give you ours!

  3. Charlotte

    I just got rid of ours about a year ago, it would have been perfect for that project (what a cool web site).

  4. The Lazy Organizer

    You'll never find one now. Everyone is going to be making kitchens with them!

  5. Care Bear

    thats brilliant!!! Have you checked craigslist??