Long Drive Day 2 Part A

Posted On September 6, 2009

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It was a really long drive from NY to Wisconsin so this “day” gets two posts. Actually I’m just not smart enough to figure out how to post both individual pictures and collages from picasa at the same time. And the only part of the drive that was long was the 18 hrs it took to get through Chicago. Having done this twice now, I finally learned it is impossible to miss rush hour heading in that direction. Next time I will visit Wisc. on my way HOME and hit morning rush hour instead. Although I have vowed never to do this again. We are currently taking bets on how long that resolution lasts.

So, the trip –
If you recall, my aunt guilt tripped me into swinging by dairy farm land on our way across the plains and lengthening our trip from 2.5 days to 6. We had a wonderfully fantastic visit. We spent a lot of time outside – even swimming at the community pool (why can’t we have a community pool?) which was a lovely treat since there was sunshine and warm weather (two things that forgot to happen at home until August).

My aunt put us all to work. Ok, not really. We hardly lifted a finger. Except Pretty Girl who loves to sweep, mop and vacuum.

Prince drew something and insisted I take a picture of it. He’s asleep and it was 2 months ago so I have no idea what it was. But isn’t it lovely?

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