Stop 3 – A Slice of Heaven on Earth

Posted On September 7, 2009

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When the pioneers were travelling across the plains, they stopped in Winter Quarters. At the time it was a harsh cold land but as always, they made the most of it. I also stopped in Winter Quarters for 5 years and at the time it was harsh and cold (when is Jr High anything but?) but I also made the most of it and walked away with many fond memories. I got to relive one of those memories on this trip but that’s a future post.

Because Omaha was my “hometown” (if a kid who moved frequently has such a thing) this temple is near to my heart. I was ecstatic to stop by and enjoy the sweet spirit there with my children. Well, two of them anyway. The third was in the car just waking up from a 200 mile nap. And he complained it was too hot. Yes, darling. Welcome to Omaha. Brutally hot. Brutally humid. But after 3 months of freezing back home I enjoyed every drop of stiffling air. Sweet humidity.

Is there any place more beautiful, more calming, more peaceful than the Temple grounds? Prince and Pretty Girl are just starting to develop a relationship and it is fun for me to watch them play together. He kept watch of her during our visit and I love these sweet photos of them.

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  1. Vi 12s

    Love this post!


    What great pics of the kids at the temple! I have been wanting to visit winter quarters, but it'll have to wait until I'm brave enough to rough it accross the country with kids! : )