Stop 3 Part B and Stop 3 and a half

Posted On September 9, 2009

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After enjoying the Temple grounds we wandered over to the visitor’s center. I remember going to the visitor’s center when I was a kid. There was pretty much nothing there at the time. Now it is quite a neat place. We studied maps of the trek west, loaded our own (miniature) wagons, pulled a handcart, talked to oxen (the largest display oxen in the USA or World), and arrived at the Salt Lake Temple (um, also miniature). As we were leaving they invited us to visit another visitors center back in Iowa. I declined on account of Iowa being East of us. They kindly pointed out that it was about 10 minutes away. I explained that I came from the Atlantic and still had to cross the rockies. I didn’t plan to backtrack even a block east. Next time.

After our wonderful spiritual experience we re-entered the “world” by attending a tailgating party complete with gigantic tubs of beer. The boys began digging in the barrels of ice and cans looking for rootbeer. I redirected them to the bottled water. One of my fondest memories of growing up in Omaha were walking around in the middle of the night (don’t tell my parents) in a hot rain. There is something so awesome about peaceful summer nights in a warm rain. I really missed those warm nights when we moved to Colorado. The other greatest memory is attending the Baseball College World Series. My brother and his friends and I bought huge packs of tickets and spent many a fabulous summer night soaking in baseball. Some of our friends have returned to Omaha and every year my brother pledges to return for the World Series. Just to make him jealous (because that’s what sisters do) I returned to Omaha just in time. One of our friend’s husband is the president of a bank in town and has a season long tailgating party just blocks from the game and invited us to party with them.

We ate our fill of hotdogs and brisket, then wandered over to the stadium to take pictures. As we were standing there a man walked by and handed our friend 2 tickets and said he was going home, we could have them. They suggested I take the kids and show them the inside of the stadium. Somehow I got in w/ 3 kids and once we were inside the boys were enthralled and didn’t want to leave. So we made our way back out to apologize to my friend for ditching them and went back in. Pretty Girl decided to make life fun in the way that babies often do so I got to do some major cleanup in a crowded public bathroom. Then we searched for seats. Our tickets were way off yonder (almost in Iowa) so we started asking people if the empty seats next to them were vacant. They weren’t.

So we scrunched ourselves against a wall for a few minutes. I thought people might get annoyed with us. Afterall, I’m from the east where just breathing is highly offensive. I forgot I was in the midwest where people have social skills. Pretty Girl became the mascot of the aisle and more than one person stopped to take a picture of her antics. On our way to the outer banks I made one more attempt at seats and scored. We got to sit almost directly behind home plate. Notice the extremely wet hair – that is all from sweat. It was HOT. It was HUMID. I still loved every sweaty moment of warmth. We had a blast as you can see:

I’m not sure why Prince is frowning in this picture because his eyes were GLUED to the game. He watched every second of it and refused to leave, much to the dismay of Tackler who was tired of sweating and remembered an airconditioned pimped out tour bus back at the party. The game was pretty tame until the very end. We had 2 more outs to go when suddenly it was tied up. Not long after that Prince decided we could leave (it was only 2 hrs past bedtime) and everyone looked at us like we were insane for leaving JUST as the game started to get interesting. We went back to the party for a little while, then left to drive back to our friends house. When we got there at 10:30, the game was STILL going on. What a night!
I was able to visit some with our friends. I felt like a rotten houseguest for spending more time at the game than with them but they had insisted. Hopefully next time (will I really do this trek AGAIN?) we’ll get to spend more time with them. Omaha felt like home. I love that town. And it’s so fun to still have some old friends there. I’m really not in touch with anyone from college or earlier so it was fun to relive some old memories.
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  1. Charlotte

    Not a fan of watching it on TV, but I enjoy going to live baseball games. Sounds like fun.

    Did your post always say College World Series? Seriously I somehow missed it when I read the post in Google Reader and was wondering what World Series you had attended.