Too Bad We Aren’t In Kansas Anymore

Posted On September 13, 2009

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I loved being back in Omaha for a day. Driving through our old neighborhood made me feel so at home. I called my brother the next day and asked if I was insane for considering Omaha for our next destination. He said no. Omaha tempts him the same way. And then he remembers the weather. After LOVING every stinkin hot moment of the heat and humidity the first day, I have to admit that on day 2 I was feeling a little stiffled and a little too drippy.
So how about Kansas? My favorite way to drive from Omaha to Colorado is to drop off the freeway and meander through the fields so that is just what we did. Kansas is simply beautiful. I love the rolling green fields and how can you not love a state with skies that look like this?
Pretty Girl enjoyed the scenery too. Everyone assumed she would be my toughest rider but she was the best. She entertained herself by becoming a tattoo artist (can you see the markings on her arms? The bottoms of her feet matched). At every stop she asked for the keys and she asked to be unbuckled. Even if only for a minute (I only stop for gas). And then she would obligingly hop back into her seat. The boys are also good travelers but are more street wise than they were on our last trip. They offered some constructive criticism – “next time we should fly”, “it would be faster if we fly”, “why didn’t we fly?”.
You don’t get to enjoy skies like this when you fly. Okay, maybe you do but only through a teeny plastic window. We got to enjoy it through a large glass window. Such a difference!

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  1. Meg

    Saw Kansas for the first time this summer. Love, love, loved it!