Day 93. Final Destination 1.

Posted On September 15, 2009

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And then suddenly, as if we had not just driven 2200 grueling miles, we arrived.
Ok, it didn’t take us 93 days and there was nothing grueling about it. Though I do not recommend asking my kids to back me up on that claim. I do not exactly believe in stopping. Except for gas. That’s kind of important. Otherwise, we pretty much don’t get out of the car. So maybe that’s a little grueling.
But the reward is, when we finally arrive, and the kids get to walk again, we get happy faces like this:

During our 10 day stay at my parents house, my mom and I spent most of our time organizing her sewing room…um, and I promise we also watched the kids who spent most of their time swimming in my parents pool. I have a method of teaching my babies to swim. The only flaw in my method is that I only have access to a pool for a week every year when we go to Florida. We really enjoyed having a 2nd opportunity to swim. The boys (who for once only had to wait 6 months instead of 12) made a lot of progress and are fairly capable now.

Pretty Girl was still a mermaid who much preferred being either underwater or high above it. Her favorite activity was being thrown into the air. After plummeting under the water and rising to the surface, her first words were “up. again.” The kids also thoroughly enjoyed the “Bunk House”. Hopefully I can snag some pictures from my mom to show you.

Many moons ago (10 years worth) I made a friend. We clicked almost immediately and spent many long hours talking amidst the chaos of her 2 and eventually 4 kids. 5 years ago we moved across the state from their family and were only occasionally able to reconnect. Last summer (which feels like EONS ago) she moved an hour away from my parents. I spent a heavenly afternoon at her house reconnecting through the chaos of our combined 7 kids. Our two girly princesses enjoyed some comraderie amongst the 5 boys while her boys introduced mine to skateboarding. My kids have added skateboards to their dire need list and I am incredibly thankful to my friend for that. Not that you’ll ever read my blog dear friend but thanks for a wonderful reunion. I miss you already.
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