Final Destination #2

Posted On September 19, 2009

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In case you missed the part where I am crazy, I drove across country “alone” as most people called it … despite my protestations that I wasn’t alone – I was accompanied by 3 1/2 kids ages 5 and under. My job is transportable (all 3 1/2 of them) so why stay at home?

Dad’s job is somewhat less transportable (no one wants him to bring HIS job with us), so we decided to let him stay home and earn money, then fly out to meet us. There were a lot of airports along our path and we drove directly past 2 or 3 of them. Each time the boys wanted a detailed explanation for why THIS wasn’t the airport where we were picking up dad.

So we finally left the land of wild animals (Colorado):

And headed toward the land of stoplights and traffic (greater SLC area). As we pulled around the point of the mountain the boys exclaimed “It looks like New York City!” My first reaction was to scoff and explain to them the difference between that massive city and these small Utah towns but on 2nd thought, I realized they were completely correct. Lights went on forever. Most of Utah is pretty sparse but that narrow strip south of SLC is nothing but lights and slow moving traffic. However, there are also family members we adore so we keep returning.

We arrived just in time to buy some 4th of July supplies and introduce our children to our favorite childhood memories. What our celebrations of independence lacked in excitement, we made up for in longevity. The kids were so exhausted, they all went to bed early – but on alternate nights. They had to take turns celebrating so it took us several nights but we eventually introduced them to Snap Pops from dad’s childhood …

And sparkler’s from mom’s childhood.

Happy Independence Day! Despite my claims that I want to move to Texas because they can cecede from the Union, I love America and all that our founding fathers envisioned for us here in the promised land. I wish certain people who are trampling on everything America represents would learn a little history (Ammonihah comes to mind along with a dozen other examples of fallen civilizations) and to them I say, “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God Indivisible”. Happy 4th of July!
(um, and happy September too).