How many reunions can you sandwich into one week?

Posted On September 22, 2009

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I was not able to see everyone I might have hoped to visit while in Utah but we had our share of little reunions. At one point, my mother in law asked “You’re leaving AGAIN?”
Don’t worry, we also spent plenty of time underfoot but how could I drive all the way across country and not see a few of these dear friends?

Reunion #1 –
A dear friend from home who deserted me a year ago to go back to her home in Utah. Her older daughter (Monkey) is the same age as my twins and they have played well together almost since birth. Monkey is madly in love with my boys as was once evidenced by her
shrieking Tackler’s name in glee in the middle of testimony meeting. Though better told in person, I included the story here just because my friend loves to remember it. (hee hee). Her younger daughter was “my” baby – she is just a few months older than Pretty Girl and I was quite upset to see she grew in the year away from me. The 3rd daughter to be will hopefully someday be friends with my baby on the way.

Reunion #2 –
The most creative friend I ever had. She introduced herself to me at Girls Camp when we were 12 and asked if we could be penpals (she lived in a podunk town far from the big city). We were penpals for years and years with occasional meetings at camp, dances or each others houses. We attended BYU for a couple overlapping years and then she moved an hour from my parents. Two bad I never made it to Colorado during those years but thankfully she ended up in Utah where I got to see her again. It was great fun to see her unchanged from the busy bubbly 12 year old I once knew. Plus she has cute kids.

Newunion #3 –
If you are truly a blogger, you have some online friends whom you really wish lived nearby. Lara was one of those people so at the risk of scaring her off, I asked if we could meet. I spent a wonderful day in the park with her family and then followed them to a chess day at the library. I would have followed them home for dinner but thought that was pushing it a little for a first date, besides I had a mother in law at home whose comment above was made as I left for this outing.

Lara is a much better photographer than me so go here to see a couple darling pictures of our two little girls who hit it off as well as their mommys did. Now that we’ve met Lara is a true friend instead of just an internet friend. Too bad our friendship is still limited to online because now I really really REALLY wish she lived next door.

Thanks to all 3 of you for taking time to play with us. It was wonderful and I can’t wait to see you again.