New Dog. Old Tricks.

Posted On October 1, 2009

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I learned a new skill this summer.  Well, new to me.  Women have been performing this feat for generations and I finally finally joined them.Sept 2009 Moms Camera 031

While in Colorado this summer my mom and I intended to empty her freezer of the bags of gooseberries she has been saving to make into jam.  However, neither of us knew how.  And we were both two emotionally spent to figure out how to learn.
When I came home I begged my friend, canning pro Lisa, to teach me to make jam.  It took me a solid month to pick berries AND show up at her house the same day but I made it just before the last of the berries disappeared.  It was a snap.  And fun.  And I went home with 6 piddly jars.  My kids have been begging for blueberry jam but I couldn’t handle opening what I had just barely sealed.  Mean huh?Sept 2009 Moms Camera 033

My mom came to visit so I sent my husband off for a bag of peaches and I pretended like I remembered what Lisa taught me.  And viola!  6 piddly jars of peach jam.  This time I was smart though.  I kept out half a jar unsealed.  Sort of smart.  It was gone in 3 days.  Sept 2009 Moms Camera 032
I sent my mom home to can those gooseberries and I sent my husband back for more peaches.  This time I managed on my own with a houseful of kids and only an hour to spare.  Turns out making jam is one of those things I should have been stuffing into my life all along.  This last time I was REALLY smart.  I managed to eek out 8 jars plus a BIG jar for the fridge.  My husband wants to know when I’m taking all 14 jars off the counter AND how long they last.  Can’t say on either account.

Another option sometime I’d love to try – a LOW low sugar, no pectin version of blueberry jam from Orange Flower.


3 Responses to “New Dog. Old Tricks.”

  1. Sally

    So cool! I do freezer jam and I love it!

  2. Brookeh

    Good for you! Homemade Peach Jam with pectin is my favorite! How long do they last that depends on how much your family uses jam. Last year I had 14 jars and they lasted me almost a year. Now go open one of those jars up and enjoy!

    Barefoot: He meant how long will they last unopened. We don’t go through jam very quickly. Though we can when really tempted as witnessed by the disappearance of my first half jar.

  3. Mutti

    It was a LOT of fun, wasn’t it! …and those are Choke Cherries that I have in my freezer. I will let you know how the jam and syrup turn out when I make it. I plan to open mine… They won’t last long once they are opened!