See the handsome coach?

Posted On October 3, 2009

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Last night was the boys’ last football game.  They had a terrific season and thoroughly enjoyed football.  And dad thoroughly enjoyed being an assistant coach.  After the game we stopped by the library for our weekly suitcase full of books and the boys asked if they could show their team pictures (which finally came in lasSummer Vacation 2009 253t night) to the children’s librarian.

She was up front with the rest of the librarians so they ALL got to hear about football.  The librarians were so great with them, rather than hushing them they sent them to the reference librarian so she could see as well.  Some other patrons even stopped to listen.  As I browsed nearby I heard the same story repeatedly including “And see the handsome coach in the middle?”   And people think I am the one who brainwashes them.

But who am I to complain about that handsome coach?  This afternoon he came home from work early and took all 3 kids for the night and left me all alone.  Ah, poor me.  I went shopping for drawers and have spent most of the night organizSummer Vacation 2009 261ing.  That’s like a long warm bubble bath for normal people.

And then came the problem of dinner.  What to eat when there is nothing to eat?  A problem I seem to face entirely too frequently.  Some people suggest pbjs but when you make your own bread a sandwich is not the lazy answer.

Tonight I tried something entirely new:

Fiesta Pasta = Rotini + Sour Cream + Black Bean Salsa + Shredded Cheddar

Not entirely normal.  A little strange.  But either it was good enough or I was starving enough for seconds.

What do YOU eat when there is nothing to eat?


One Response to “See the handsome coach?”

  1. Sally

    Love the brainwashing – that is too cute that they told everyone about the ‘handsome coach’.