A MOST thrilling experience

Posted On October 5, 2009

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Summer Vacation 2009 292Did you know there are air museums spread across the entire country?  And guess what they have there?  You’ll never guess.  Airplanes!  Lots of them.  And I have pictures of every one of them to prove it.  If you want to see them all, you’ll have to visit my husband’s blog.  Thankfully he doesn’t have onSummer Vacation 2009 333e sSummer Vacation 2009 295o you’re safe.  I am only posting pictures of PEOPLE in front of airplanes.  Funny, I know.  At least these days we just fill the camera card instead of entire rolls of film.  If you don’t get your fill from my lousy postings, hold on.  In another month or so I’ll post about our return from summer trip and show you the exact same airplanes at an eveSummer Vacation 2009 328n bigger museum.  Thankfully my husband doesn’t read my blog – he would not appreciate my sarcasm.  But maybe if I had been invited on this outing, I Summer Vacation 2009 329would be more enthused.  This was a BOYS only event.  Most of the boys you don’t recognize are cousins, including my favorite nephew.  He’s my favorite because he got married on my birthday this year.   Imagine throwing such a big party in my honor.  (What do you mean it wasn’t all about me?)