You Can’t Miss It

Posted On October 8, 2009

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One day I was looking for a store. Summer Vacation 2009 380 I knew I was in the right vicinity but somehow I missed it.  I went into another store to ask directions and was given these instructions: “Go down this street.  You can’t miss it”.  I deplore those 4 little words – You can’t miss it.  I already did miss it.  That’s why I need help.  I always know when someone tells me I can’t miss something, that I will definitely miss it.

Summer Vacation 2009 363How many times have I missed the obvious in my own life?  Today I asked a dear friend with 6 kids and 18 years more mothering experience than me how she became a patient mother.

Her golden advice was “There is a moment JUST before you lose it when you decide whether or not you will lose control.  Summer Vacation 2009 388

You have to decide in that moment you will not lose it.”

Have you ever heard anything more obvious?  Or more profound?

My senior year at BYU, my future in laws moved to Utah.  I spent a lot of time at their house my last semester.  Since then, I have been back several times.

A couple miles from their house is a giant hole.  I mean a GIANT hole.  One you can see from space.  I have seen pictures of it on the internet.  It is BIG.  And famous.

On our last visit my husband decided we should go visit this copper mine but we didn’t know where in Utah it was.

Summer Vacation 2009 379

He said he thought it was really close and so I made a really stupid remark, “If it was near here, don’t you think I’d know about it?”  Apparently not.

How did I miss a world famous, man made wonder just a few miles away?  What other obvious pits and wonders do I not see that are so glaringly huge they can be seen from space?

2 Responses to “You Can’t Miss It”

  1. Sally

    LOVED your post. Thanks.
    On a completely unrelated note – if you do find an entertainment center to make pretty girl a kitchen you may need some of this
    you will need to go back one or two posts, but you can’t miss it 😉

  2. The Lazy Organizer

    I love that place! You just go West and you can’t miss it. I need to take the kids there again now that they’re old enough to remember it.