And you thought the airplanes were fantastic….

Posted On October 10, 2009

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Every two days I post one more day of our summer vacation.  We are zooming right along here, eh?  On our way from Utah back to Colorado we made a delightful stop at Arches National Park.  The weather was incredible.  Over 100 degrees but unlike at home, it was actually NICE.  Even hiking uphill all day, we are perfectly comfortable.  Ahhh, dry heat.  Lovely.  And blue skies!!!  Look at these skies.  Incredible.  Below are 36 of the 257 pictures we kept from our little visit.2009-10-101

Funny story #1: See that sign that says Arches Natl Park?  That’s just before the entrance to the park.  We got out to do the touristy thing and take a picture there.  A nice couple (we’re still so shocked to find friendly people out west) drove up and got out of their car.  We took pictures of each other, thanked each other kindly, and then they drove away.  They didn’t even go in the park.  They took a picture in front of the sign and continued on through the desert.  Their blog will have one picture and a caption that reads “Been there.  Didn’t do that.”2009-10-103

The second picture above is of me and Pretty Girl hiking up a LONG steep hill.  That was the very first lookout point.  She insisted on walking the ENTIRE way.  No help.  Usually not even a hand hold until she got to a step taller than her navel.  She drew a crowd of admirers who marveled at my independent 20 month old’s hiking ability.  The 3rd picture is of her walking back to the car – STILL refusing help.  The rest of the day continued basically like that.  She finally realized there was a LOT of hiking a LOT of steep inclines and relented to a little carrying, but not much.  At times the boys asked to be carried and we pulled that old parental no-no of comparison “Your sister is walking.  You can too.”2009-10-102

And then there was their father who provides Funny Story #2.  On the way up one of the inclines he stopped a man coming down to ask “Is this arch worth the trek up this hill?”  The man assured him it was and continued a few steps farther down the hill to find Mr. Wornout’s pregnant wife carrying a 20 month old.  Sheesh.  The pregnant lady carrying the baby is fine but the husband “with the heavy water bottle” wants to know if it’s worth it.  Can I say it again?  SHEESH.   Yes, it was worth it.


I love this last picture in the bottom right hand corner.  It was taken at the very last arch we saw.  I can’t tell you how many miles we hiked but it was a LOT.  In the last few pictures every face looks worn out.  Prince is pretending he is asleep.  Not because he’s trying to be cute but because he wished he was.  And I am pretty much propping up the other two.  The picture is fortunately too small for you to tell but even my face looks ready to fall over.    But we had an awesome time.  Arches is one destination on our ‘plan to return to’ list.  When the kids get older we want to camp and spend several days there hiking to some of the arches that were too far away for us on this trip.  If you haven’t been, you cannot possibly imagine how spectacular it is.  We spent most of the day imagining what a grand time Heavenly Father must have had designing this place.   Truly amazing.


2 Responses to “And you thought the airplanes were fantastic….”

  1. Vee

    I’ve gotta get there. How sad is that? I’ve always wanted to see it. I love that you guys went. What troopers your kids are. I wonder where pretty girl gets her independent spirit from? hehe. She’s getting so big. And it truly is amazing how heavy those water bottles can be. You amaze me.

  2. Christine (Pratt) Gho

    I love your pictures and your blog. Maybe I could talk you into coming to Juneau for your next vacation? 🙂 Or someday I might make it back East.
    By the way, could you email me your address? Either physical address or email would work. I’m hoping to get a family Christmas card/letter out this year, and I would love to send you one.
    Barefoot says: Oh, someday I would LOVE to come visit you. I had a soccer coach in hs who used to go kayaking with whales in Alaska. I’m sure you do fun stuff like that every day!