Posted On October 13, 2009

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Prince: Mom, I neeSummer Vacation 2009 795d some more clothes for Wrinkles.  (Wrinkles is a beloved Beanie Baby puppy).  Can you make some?

Mom: Yes, but right now it is not very high on my priority list.Summer Vacation 2009 969

Prince: But you always like to make quilts.  We don’t NEED any more blankets.

Mom: What?  That’s like saying we don’t need any more animals.Summer Vacation 2009 792

Prince: We don’t need MORE.  We just need clothes for them.

Can you BELIEVE he would say such a thing?  Not need more quilts?  I’m appalled.  …And this coming from the quilt thief.  Do you know how many quilts he has convincedSummer Vacation 2009 797 me to make for him AND I have made for other people that he claimed as his own?  No wonder he doesn’t think we need more.  I shouldn’t have been so generous!

Ideally I would post a picture of my latest quilt but it is not quite finished.  I still Summer Vacation 2009 798need to quilt the borders and add a binding.

So photos are of a fun day we spent at the playground with my mom, sister in law (notice her teeny tiny pregnant belly), and the kids.  Someone else’s camera even has a picture of me and my mom on that teeter totter thing.  Imagine a grandma and a pregnant lady on a standing teeter totter!


My mom pointed out that I didn’t include all the details of the park day.  We were headed out in a caravan to a museum and made it 3 houses before we got stopped by construction.  After waiting for an hour we decided to scrap our plans and walk to the park instead.  While there, we were greeted by a friend with a huge platter of decorated cookies.  Imagine changing plans and being greeted by a Cookie Lady.  No one ever delivers cookies to us at the park at home!


2 Responses to “Blasphemy”

  1. Mutti

    It is probably just as well that you don’t have that picture of the two of us on that teeter totter. I almost wrote The Cookie Lady and asked her for it… but on third thought…. Besides, you didn’t mention her in your blog. It isn’t everywhere you can go to the park and have a Cookie Lady deliver homemade and hand decorated cookies to you on a platter! It WAS a fun day!

  2. The Lazy Organizer

    None of my kids care a whit about any of my hand made quilts. I’ve got a stack of doll quilts that my girls won’t even squint at. They like dirty dish rags much better. At least my husband likes my quilts and he likes to embarrass me by showing them off when people come over.

    It’s a good thing I wasn’t there or I would have shewed away the cookie lady. Is that how you spell shewed? I have no idea.

    Barefoot says: Shoo’ed? Only if you’d had a green smoothie that morning. Otherwise you’d have done the same thing as me and given your kids one each while you ate two.