Posted On October 14, 2009

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My husband and I share a love of the water.  I love to play on it, near it, in it and he loves to drink it.  My dream is to live ON the water and be able to swim and ski through my summer days.  I almost got to pretend to live that dream this summer with two caveats – #1 – the water was pretty darn freezing so swimming was out.  #2 – I was pregnant so skiing and speed were both out.

blog2At least I was able to go boating and do some light tubing and introduce my infant to the thrill of speed.  She would have been happy to spend the entire day on the tube and we were only slowed by my delicate state, not by her fear.  When she wasn’t grinning from ear to ear, she was signing “more”. blog1

I lived vicariously through my sister who was able to experience all the thrill I was craving.  At the end of the night as she crashed through the wake, I tried to take a really cool picture of her tubing in front of the sunset.  Since I didn’t quite succeed I’ll let you see the pieces here and imagine how amazing it looked.blogOn another note: I am almost finished with my Americana quilt.  I finished the middle and am half way through the 1st of 3 borders.  I always forget a name plate on the back and am thankful I remembered just in time to sneak one in.  I need the perfect (albeit very short) quote about America.  PLEASE HELP.  What should I write?


3 Responses to “More!!!”

  1. Sally

    Cool water shots – I also LOVE skiing and I’m sad I only get to do it when at my parents…
    If you think about the national anthem and other patriotic songs, they have good quotes…my husband has all kinds of quotes about America – I’ll get back to you.

  2. Kathy Wilson

    All great change in America begins at the dinner table.
    Ronald Reagan (1911 – 2004)

    America at home, where your quilt belongs.

  3. Tante

    Thanks for letting me live the thrill for you!! I had a BLAST!!!! And have decided I need a boat. Actually…someone else to drive the boat and care for the boat and….all other boat stuffs… I just want to TUBE!!! 🙂