Things Fall Apart

Posted On October 16, 2009

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Things Fall Apart Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Why I read it:

Again, I was caught by the classics shelf by the checkout counter at the library.  I have heard of it but couldn’t remember anything about it.  I don’t recall hearing it being called a classic, which intrigued me.

So I checked it out and 3 weeks later dutifully returned it.  The next month I tried again.  Compelling reasons eh?

Did I like it?

Not the first half.  But it got better.  Since it was written by someone from Africa, I am assuming it is an accurate representation of tribal life in Africa and I always like learning about other cultures and times.

Did it make me think? (Spoiler Alert):

Of course I disagreed with some of their customs but how sad that an outsider upset their delicate balance from him high falutin self appointed spot of superiority in the name of research.  When people are perfectly happy in their wrong ways, how far should we go to show them a better way?  Christ did so through gentle teaching.  In many cases in this world we presume to take a more active stance.  Is it ok to exact change when people are perfectly happy in their current lifestyle?  The women were beaten and children killed – is it our place to save those without a voice?  To what extent?

Best Quote:

“You have no need to fear from someone who screams.”

They have a custom that if you take something from an animal and it squawks at you, you are fine.  If it is silent, there is danger and you must return what you took.  This quote has become my daily reminder.  (Not that I ever yell, no, of course not).  I think children instinctively believe this custom.  They do not fear (i.e. respect/honor) a parent who yells.  Patient, quiet silence means so much more.


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  1. Tante

    I read this in my 20th Century Fiction class…not my favorite. But hey…

    Love you!!