Yeah, I’m asleep. Why do you ask?

Posted On October 18, 2009

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Pretty Girl, age 23 months, had resumed her nightly position, crying behind her bedroom door (a tactic she inherited from her brother Prince).  After 5 minutes of wailing she was silent.

Dad to mom: She’s sleeping already.

Dad: Pretty Girl, are you asleep?

Pretty Girl: Yeah.Summer Vacation 2009 956

Dad: Goodnight.  (pause) Say goodnight.

Pretty Girl: Good night.

Mom giggles.  Pretty Girl giggles.

Dad to mom: Let her out.

Mom: No, she is SO tired.

Dad: Good night.

Pretty Girl: Goodnight.  (giggle giggle).

Mom giggles again. And pretty soon there is pretty much uncontrollable giggling from both sides of the door.  Silly baby.Summer Vacation 2009 958Photos:

Once upon a time there were two little cousins with matching dresses, matching bows, matching socks, and matching bracelets.  At the last minute these two matchy girls were not in a wedding party so they didn’t have a photographer to document their cuteness.  They appeared in nursery together one Sunday and then their parents attempted to snap one perfect photo.

The first picture is of Pretty Girl’s cousin.  Isn’t she darling?

The 2nd picture is of Pretty Girl.  Isn’t she obstinate?  That sad look might induce feelings of empathy but don’t be fooled.   My little show queen (who incidentally said cheese for a mom at football practice who was snapping a picture of her SON, not of Pretty Girl) refused to have her cuteness documented.

Darling cousin with all her matching glory is now 3000 miles away and these are the best pictures we have of them “together” in their dresses.  Don’t you think they should fly out here so we can rectify this situation?


5 Responses to “Yeah, I’m asleep. Why do you ask?”

  1. Vee

    That is a funny story. So cute. Those are darling outfits. I definitely think cousin should fly out there to visit you.

  2. DAD

    Take heart – I’ve seen far more smiley pictures of Pretty Girl than I have of her cousin! Don’t worry, it’s still a really cute picture. And the pictures of my rocks look really good too!

    Barefoot says: Oh, yes, your rocks are lovely. I’m sure they SHOULD have been the focus of my post. =>

  3. DAD

    RE Goodnight ….. we certainly know who is in charge and who is not in charge!

    Barefoot says: Has there been any doubt since the day she was born that she rules the roost?

  4. The Lazy Organizer

    Very pretty girls and dresses.

  5. Sally

    Too Cute!