Garden of the Gods

Posted On October 20, 2009

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Our vacation (which only seems like it took forever due to my blogging slowness but in reality was only 40 days long) is coming to a close.  Relatively.

Besides that whole family togetherness thing, a visit to the temple, hours spent by my kids in the Bunkhouse (imagine heaven to a 5 yr old boy), many hours of swimming, hours of helping or watching manual labor by my brother and husband under the Bahpa dictatorship, and that whole family drama which you either know about or don’t, the only other thing we did in Colorado was visit Garden of the Gods.GOGs Blog

Garden of the Gods is one of those little places where Heavenly Father decided to show off when He created the world.  You never tire of the beauty and absolutely amazing natural formations here.  It’s such a fantastic place to wander.  We climbed over rocks.  We scaled mountains and stuck our families into precarious positions for Christmas photos.  And we watched people who were actually climbing mountains instead of just pretending like us.  GOGs Blog1My cousin was asked to pretend to climb on something he wasn’t supposed to climb on for a brochure.  He posed for the climbing and the getting yelled at photos.  Who else can claim that?

He also wedged himself through a teeny tiny crack between two walls.  Most people just peer through.  He wedged his body through.  The picture can’t possibly do justice to the small space.  I was a little frightened to be the photographer/witness/potential helper when he got stuck, but thankfully not all my services were needed.

GOGs Blog2And finally, for my parents’ benefit, I will once again say, the weather and blue sunny skies in Colorado were absolutely magnificent.  The week we came home we drove to the shore and while gazing lovingly out to sea, I commented on the beauty of the blue water and blue skies.  My husband gave me a sideways glance and I smiled.  He politely agreed.  Bright blue/murky gray.  They’re close.  Ahhh, Colorado.


2 Responses to “Garden of the Gods”

  1. Carin

    Hi,Carin from Margaret’s Hope Chest-thanks for the tops-we are happy to finish them! Looks like you are having #4! I have 4-youngest born Nov 7 of last year-I love having a “big” family but I do get irritated when people ask “are they ALL yours??”

  2. Julie

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I didn’t have your email, thus the random answer to your question here.
    Anyway, it depends on the person what I say. But 9/10 times when I say that I have four girls I might not totally say that only three are with us. People freak out and try to find any reason to escape. But sometimes I tell the whole truth and kind, strong people can take it. I suppose if the roles were reversed and I had never faced loss I might react awkwardly too. It is complicated. Even more complicated for my friend who has five daughters and lost three sons. Each time she meets someone new they immediately ask her when she is going to try for a boy. Heartbreaking.
    I am sorry for your loss. Best to you and your family during your pregnancy.