Can you believe it’s over already?

Posted On October 22, 2009

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This post marks the end of our cross country vacation.  When I left home the entire trunk area was presents and whatnot that I planned to leave behind.  I counted on a fairly empty car headed home.  Instead we were stuffed to the gills!  How does that happen?

air mus blog1

We left Colorado at our customary 4am and drove over 1,000 miles.  I had been dreading the trip home and was excited to make it in only 2 1/2 days.  However, the 2nd day we stopped at our 2nd air museum of the trip.  As promised, we got to see more airplanes than at the first museum.  This museum is in the middle of Ohio and I have been 3 times in my 10 years of marriage.  air mus blog

Of course, we had fun (the kids got to “fly” their own plane) and I have lots of pictures of airplanes if you are interested.  Not so much now that we’re closer to having our OWN baby but this summer Pretty Girl was absolutely OBSESSED with babies.  We kept running into babies and were not able to move on until we had examined the baby and accompanying stroller.Summer Vacation 2009 1035

The air museum took most of a day so we only drove about 500 miles that day.  The last day we almost made it home (Pennsylvania) but decided that rather than push it and arrive at 4am we would take an extra day and let the kid swim in one more pool.  The pool supposedly opened at 9am but the guy was still cleaning it and wouldn’t let us swim until he very slowly finished.  3 kids and I sat poolside until 9:45 and then 3 disappointed kids and I got dressed and got into the van for another fun day of driving.  Summer Vacation 2009 1036

9 years ago, on our 1st anniversary, we took a romantic trip to Hershey PA.  We fell in love with that little chocolate town and decided to introduce the kids to it.  Unfortunately, 3 billion other people decided to join us.  The town (and factory tour) have become much more commercialized in the past 9 years and the magic we fell in love with was either gone or at least completely squashed with tourists.

We finished our trip with a 3 hr visit to the George Washington bridge.  I bet you didn’t think there was that much to see there.  In 3 hrs we drove 1.3 miles.  And in the end, arrived home at 3am.  So much for taking one extra relaxing day.

Next up: The end of summer and fall sports…plus, if you come back tomorrow, I will tell you all about my bad attitude.


2 Responses to “Can you believe it’s over already?”

  1. Sally

    Sorry you still got home at 3am – I hate it when that happens! I’m excited to hear about your bad attitude tomorrow.

  2. Karen

    This definitely makes me want to go on a road trip. It looks like you guys had so much fun. I love Hershey, PA – especially the free samples at the end of the ride.