I like my bad attitude, thank you very much

Posted On October 23, 2009

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My friend recently turned her older children into slaves (read here) and has been marveling about how wonderfully clean her house is.  So I asked her how she makes her house Summer Vacation 2009 1158STAY clean.  I want to deep clean the basement and work on major projects like she’s doing but I’m always so busy clearing off the kitchen counter aka landing spot for the Bermuda Triangle.

Instead of giving me the magic answer she said I needed to change my attitude.  Can you believe the gall?  I wouldn’t have a bad attitude if the counter (and living room floor and bedroom floors and ….) would just STAY clean.  She sent me to THIS post.  (If you have a bad attitude you should read it too).Summer Vacation 2009 1157

The boys (age 5) have a morning list they have to accomplish before going downstairs.  It includes tasks such as prayer and scriptures, personal grooming and minimal cleaning.  Prince has a bad attitude about the list.  Every SINGLE morning.  He whines, he moans, he goes back to bed.  Finally two days ago, at my wit’s end, I did the really mature thing.  I yelled.  (I later apologized for my absolute tantrum but something I said must have stuck because the last two days he has been an angel).

In light of my so-called “bad attitude” I have been pondering this morning about my tirade to Prince.  Summer Vacation 2009 1156“Nothing I am asking you to do is hard.  None of it.”  Do you wonder if Heavenly Father feels that way?  Yes, it’s a drudgery to clean the counters every day.  Most of motherhood (and womanhood and life) is a drudgery.  We do all the same things over and over and over.  We get five minutes to pat ourselves on the back for doing all our Visiting Teaching and it’s time to start making calls again.  What a bore.  IF we choose to look at it that way.

Occasionally, my kids are playing so well together in the morning and are so darn happy that I let them off the hook.  I let them play all day, ignoring chores and school work.  Those are the worst days.  By afternoon, they are miserable – whining and bickering.  Summer Vacation 2009 1152My mom always says “Working children are happy children” (she was a mean mom, too).   Children need work to be happy.  Is it possible the same applies to moms?

Last night I tackled the kitchen.  I was mad because it HAD been spotless and looked like it had been hit by a bomb.  Just like Prince in the morning, I kept putting it off.  Summer Vacation 2009 1160Guess how long it took me?  15 minutes.  That’s it!  And now it looks so pretty.  (No one is awake yet to set off the bomb).  I wonder if all that other stuff I complain about is also “not that hard”.  You think if I had a better attitude I would find out?

Photos: I have finished vacation photos and can now move onto summer.  Fortunately for you, sadly for us, summer was VERY short.  This was one of the two beach days we got.


3 Responses to “I like my bad attitude, thank you very much”

  1. The Lazy Organizer

    I’m glad you liked Karen’s post too. It was fabulous! God knows what is going to make us happy so why do we fight it?? like you, I’m always amazed at how easy things can be once I start. It’s the starting that’s hard!

  2. Valerie

    Hmph. What’s wrong with having a bad attitude? jk. I don’t think I reaized I one until I read this post!

  3. leah

    I feel the same way! You put it down perfectly.