Why we school year round

Posted On October 25, 2009

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“It is well we should recognise that the business of education is with us all our lives, that we must always go on increasing our knowledge.”  Charlotte Mason in A Philosophy of Education (CM Series book 6)

#1: Never stop learning

Schools are, of course, set up with school days and non school days with long vacations and scheduled days off in between.  They could not possibly function otherwise.  However, this mode is quite unnatural.  Education is a lifelong pursuit.  Learning is fun.  Education is a part of life.  We do not need breaks from learning.  We certainly don’t need a 3 month vacation from learning.

By the time I got to college I felt worn down.  I always said I had the utmost respect for adult students because the only way I was surviving college was that I did not yet know any better.  As soon as I quit, there would be nothing that could get me back.  I was wrong.  I wasn’t out of college two years before I wanted back in.  I had such a better attitude about education after seeing the real world.  College shouldn’t have been about grades and future success. I should have been there because learning is fascinating and I wanted to learn everything possible.  That’s the reason I want to go back.

#2: Except when you need a break

I recently read The Mixed Up Files of Basil E Frankweiler to the boys.  In it, the girl says we should learn something every single day and she strives to do so.  She meets an old woman (Mrs. Frankweiler) who tells her she is wrong.  Some days you don’t feel like learning anything.  Sometimes you need time to process everything you have already learned.

Ever had one of those days when you just wanted to stay in bed and read and sleep?  I was lucky as a kid.  My mom believed in those days.  She called them mental health days and we were allowed to play hookie when we needed a break from school.  Most moms are not so wise.  And the schools certainly aren’t.  As a homeschooler we get to decide which days are hookie days and which are school days.  Today, a Saturday, was a school day.  Last Friday was not.  Don’t you love free agency???