I’ll be in the Caribbean

Posted On October 27, 2009

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I was raised by goodly parents who taught me to be happy wherever I lived.  Easy for them to say, they lived on a farm in Germany and on Puget Sound and …. wait, I think that’s beside the point.  They always said “Some people would be unhappy in the Garden of Eden.”  The lesson was a good one.  In the words of Joseph B Wirthlin’s mom  “Come what may and love it.” (read here)

I listened, I believed, I applied.  Until recently.  Ok, until the last 3 years.  I grew up a military brat (my husband emphasizes the brat part) relocating every 3 years. I have been here  over 10 years and feel stagnant.  Besides, I already admitted to having a bad attitude (read here) so why fight it.Back Home

And so, our great quest.  We have been searching for the perfect spot to relocate in 2 years and 5 months (but whose counting?) when we are free.  We have narrowed the search to 5 states but we are at a standstill on agreement.  At this point when people ask I tell them “My husband is moving to SC and I am moving to the Caribbean.”   However, in case he wins, we have been practicing.

First I took the kids to a Race Car event at the library.  The race car driver read them a story about a race car driver and they got to ask lots of questions.  Of course my boys had a LONG list and did not mind exhausting it.  Or him.

Back Home1We also discovered a gem of an event, held weekly.  Our very cool neighbor has a very cool car so we joined him at his car show and partook of cars (of course), a giant lobster, and TONS of cheap food including amazing strawberry shortcake and a farmer’s market.  What a way to spend a summer evening.Back Home2Our neighbor’s friend gave them these glow necklaces so when we got home we had to experiment with the camera to see what fun thigns we could make them do.  I’m not sure how impressive the pictures were but we had fun and that’s what matters.