Swimming through History

Posted On October 31, 2009

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President George Albert Smith taught, “It is not what we receive that enriches our lives, it is what we give.

I am so thankful for a few people in my life who really enrich my days.  People who make me feel loved and wanted and needed.  People who are fun and oh so easy to spend time with. Back Home4 This spring I stumbled across two such people – homeschoolers with similar schooling philosophy and awesome kids.  We created a weekly Story of the World coop.  In our individual families we read the chapter and did our narrations and on Fridays we gathered the 7 kids (plus my baby) to take turns leading a related activity.  I blogged a few of our activities and started drafts of a few more.  One week in August we studied Moses so when we gathered, we wove Moses baskets from iris leaves…then took advantage of one of the last (um, and first) summery days for a pool party. 
The older girls had a blast teaching Pretty Girl how to be a princess and of course she loved every second of attention. (see video here if it doesn’t show up).Back Home3

Sadly, our delightful coop only lasted the spring and the few weeks of summer when we were all in town.  The other two families joined a larger coop which we, after waffling all summer, determined not to join.  Still friendships were made, fun was had, learning occurred and we still occasionally talk which keeps me from feeling too horribly alone in this homeschooling journey.Summer Vacation 2009 1201 “The Savior’s parable of the wise man who built his house upon a rock has power precisely because it illustrates that life’s challenges befell the wise man too.”   David S. Baxter, “Faith, Service, Constancy,” Ensign, Nov 2006, 13–15.  That’s what we are really out to accomplish for our children isn’t it?  The foundation and the attitude to withstand the storm, snug inside the comforts of a life built on the foundation of the gospel?


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  1. DAD

    Sorry I haven’t been keeping up………….Too much to do, too tired once it’s done! I’m looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!

    Just a few random thoughts on your random thoughts:
    1. Great blogs…lots of insightful comments.
    2. I have often thought that Heavenly Father is up there right now shaking his head and saying, “Come on now. It’s not that hard. I’ve told you what to do. What exactly is your problem?!”
    3. CT is a beautiful state, but I seldom find “blue” to be part of its color palette.
    4. Is my son-in-law really a person? I didn’t know that.
    5. Just kidding….I couldn’t resist the opening.
    6. Getting angry is really not a problem. Losing control is.