A Fine Fall Treat

Posted On November 11, 2009

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Oct 2009 092At the beginning of October we enjoyed a fine treat – we were a stopping point on a romantic anniversary getaway.  The first child I ever babysat for is now expecting his first child which makes the young couple I sat for almost grandparents.

They celebrated their anniversary this year with a fall leaf trek through New England (they live in Arizona).  We only got them one night but we enjoyed every splendid moment of it.

I grilled the mom on how to be a patient mother of many while we dined on my homemade bread and her homegrown pistachios.  Simply delightful.  She wanted my waffle recipe and a picture of my tablecloth so here they are:Oct 2009 096

2c whole wheat sour dough starter

2 eggs

1t ginger

1t cinnamon

1t baking soda

1/2t salt

This makes enough for about 2 people.

These waffles are only good fresh.  They are light and crispy but must be served immediately or they fall flat, cold and too sour doughy.  Served immediately though, they are ultimate perfection.

Oct 2009 088In the morning Pretty Girl left our room and I fell back asleep.  When I awoke and couldn’t find her anywhere I felt guilty that our guests were entertaining my baby while I snoozed.  Except the whole house was silent.  I started to panic and checked all the rooms again – finally finding her snuggled up in bed with Tackler.  Made my heart melt.

Thanks for the visit.   We are looking forward to seeing you in Arizona in two years.  We will be here two more autumns if anyone else has an anniversary coming up.


2 Responses to “A Fine Fall Treat”

  1. lazyorganizer

    That’s so cute! Muscles likes to take Sweetness to bed with him sometimes and it is heartwarming.

    I want to try your recipe. My mom makes sour dough waffles so I know how good they are when they’re hot. What do you put on them?

    Barefoot says: Oh you’ll be disappointed – butter and homemade maple syrup. I wish I could say strawberry compote or something fun like that.

  2. Ellen

    Ohhh,,,those waffles!, the blue leaves in the tablecloth!, the bright eyes of the children and their parents!…I want to relive it all again!!! You are a joy to make me feel so wanted.

    Barefoot says: Relive it again? Ok! You don’t have plans for next anniversary yet do you?