You think you’re a good mom until you find out your kids have been playing you

Posted On November 13, 2009

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Oct 2009 078 - CopySunday mornings are rough around here.  We are late sleepers and church starts at 9am so I have to drag my kids out of bed long before they are ready.   Except the baby.

My 24 month old has a horrible morning habit of wanting food.  Also a horrible 2 year old quality called persistence.  She gets into my sleepy face and chants “eat.  eat.  eat.”  I sweetly suggest she go play and she responds with “eat. eat.”  If I say ok, she will give me 9 seconds to start crawling out of bed.  If I stop moving she returns and repeats the process from the beginning.Oct 2009 079 - Copy

On Saturday night our dear friend (a single student in our ward) offered to babysit while we still had only 3 children.  She spends Sunday afternoons at our house so rather than driving back home, she spent the night and went with us to church. My children absolutely adore her.

The two hours before she arrived Pretty Girl would not let me put her down.  She didn’t even want her daddy idol.  Knowing that any minute I am going to take a trip to the hospital and thanks to the freakout over the stupid swine flu, not be allowed to see her for 3 days, I indulged her whim for mommy attention.  Oct 2009 080As soon as F arrived though, she immediately went to her and shrugged me off when I tried to say goodbye.  Hmmm.  I think I’m being played.

On Sunday morning at 6:30am (an hour we consider the middle of the night) I ran into Tackler in the hall.

Him: Can I go downstairs and see F?

Me: If she’s up you can.

Him: She said she always wakes up early, that’s why I woke up early too.Oct 2009 003 - Copy

(So all those other Sunday mornings he wasn’t really tired, I just wasn’t interesting.  I think I’m being played.)

Pretty girl (having just finished her debut as the poster child for starving children of America) appeared in the hall and asked to join Tackler downstairs.  They conned F into reading books for the next 90 minutes until regular waking hours. I guess Pretty Girl wasn’t hungry afterall.  Do you think I’m being played?

I think I might hire them out for con jobs if anyone knows of any shady characters in need.


3 Responses to “You think you’re a good mom until you find out your kids have been playing you”

  1. Sally

    I do think you are being played. I’d hire your kids, but I’ve got 4 con artists of my own who play me!

  2. Jennifer Gordon

    What??? You had a baby? When you have time, put a photo of the new baby online….girl or boy? I bet it’s a cutie like the rest of your children. We did go to NYC and have returned home. Maybe this Spring I’ll come by on my way to Montreal. 🙂

  3. Aunt Nance

    I don’t believe a bit of the being-played allegation. Those children are perfect, right? On the other hand, my niece is too sweet not to let herself be played by sweethearts, right?