Locks of Love

Posted On November 14, 2009

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Have you ever done anything really risky?  Something so far over the edge that no one can believe you did it?  And did that thing change you so much that people did not even recognize you after the fact?  I did.  And I’ve never been so scared in my life.

So what scary life changing endeavor did I pursue?  I made my first visit to a hair cutting salon.  This scary venture was not my maiden voyage to a beauty parlor because I had perms – hey, I was alive in the 80’s – but I have only ever trusted scissors to my mom and myself.

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My hair history:

  • When I was 2 my mom cut my scraggly locks to chin length.
  • When I was 11 I cut my hair to chin length and was told by every single person “I liked it better long”.
  • When I was 32 I chopped it all off and gave it away to bald kids.Oct 2009 147

I had the idea in July and pulled out my tape measure and realized I did not have long enough hair so I wrote in my planner to remeasure in September.  At the appointed time my friend mentioned she had been considering donating to Locks of Love.  I couldn’t believe the timing.  We pulled out the tape measure and wrote a date on the calendar, then I called and made appointments.  We made a girls day of it.  I coached soccer in the morning while she did homework then we left the kids with dad and drove off.  We visited the salon – a new experience for both of us.  And followed it up with a visit to the Temple. A perfect girls day and night out.Locks of LoveWant to know how inexperienced we are?  First they make a ponytail and cut it off.  At that point we were both ready to say thanks and go on our merry way.  No, next was washing and cutting.  Then combing and cutting.  Then styling and cutting.  We were caught between two thoughts.  #1 – Women really spend this much time on their hair?  #2 – Am I the only woman in the world who thinks this is a waste of time?  It was nice having the experience with the other weirdo around.  And I admit she did a much more fabulous job than I have ever done.  Locks of Love1So there is my life changing experience.  I will never the same again.

Oh, I almost forgot the funny part.  The girls at the salon were shocked by my “virgin hair”.  That’s hair that has never been colored or treated.  I think they doubted such a thing still existed.  They were quite enthralled and made sure all the other girls saw it.  Too funny.

7 Responses to “Locks of Love”

  1. Meg

    I love it! I looks so cute. And from a mom of one of the “bald kids”, there will be a truly thankful child out there with that gorgeous blond hair. What a perfect day.

  2. Sally

    Wow! You look great both ways!

  3. Karen

    Great haircut! My daughter and I just did this last month. I still have to remember to get around to mailing the hair to locks of love! It’s been sitting in an envelope in our computer room.

  4. Vi

    That’s just awesome! I didn’t realize you guys did that together- what a fun and touching girls day/night! Good job!!

  5. Vee

    You did it! I’m so proud of you. You look great. What a fun day. Wish I could of witnessed it. :)But at least it’s on here, that’s the next best thing.

  6. Jeannie Young

    I love the cut and what a wonderful thing to do with the long beautiful locks you cut off!

  7. lazyorganizer

    Oh my goodness, you look fabulous! Doesn’t it feel great?

    One more thing we have in common. I don’t color my hair either but I do have it trimmed about once a year. I cut mine off two years ago (way too short) and I’m still mad about it. It was the beginning of my pregnancy and my hair only grew about one inch over the next several months. It has taken FOREVER to grow back out so I’m going to grow it to my waist before I ever think of donating it again.