That’s my kind of power!

Posted On November 15, 2009

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In discussing baseball oneOct 2009 134 day (we have a recent disagreement regarding good guys vs bad guys) the boys were being a little cheeky so I told them, “I have the power to send you to bed.”  Their retort? “Well, dad has the power to send YOU to bed.”  Well!  That doesn’t sound half bad. I immediately called dad to see if he wanted me to go to bed.  Unfortunately, he was not inclined to exercise his power in that wOct 2009 082ay.  Dang.

Last month we were reading “The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles” by Jule Andrews Edwards.  In it, the following question is posed: What do you think is the most serious problem adults face?  Tackler’s immediate response: When they have to ask children twice.

Prince thinks the most serious is “when someone steals from you, that’s breaking a law, and that’s a big problem”.  I supposOct 2009 084e Prince has a little more perspective on large problems of the world but I have to admit, Tackler perfectly pinpointed my personal biggest daily struggle!

Photos: Dad is making progress on turning his old workshop into a luxurious school/play room for us.  Don’t feel bad for him – he is getting LOTS of help from us.  Can’t you tell?


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  1. Jeannie Young

    I love the funny things kids say! I can’t wait to see the finished school/play room, looks like it’s coming along.