Playing with hoops, rings and hatchets

Posted On November 16, 2009

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In honor of my dad, who claims to be 25 but was actually alive during our country’s founding, we attended a Revolutionary War Reenactment last month.  (yep!  Last month.  That means we are almost caught up!)

The kids played period games with hoops and sticks and tug of war and thankfully no one took a video of their 8 month pregnant mom attempting stilts.2009-11-15

They were enthralled with the weaving looms and the table of medicinal tools and exhausted the weaver and doctor with their myriad of questions.  Why would you go to something like this if not to learn?

We ran into several homeschooling friends, some friends whose wife was getting a day off, and a couple families from church.  I guess 1776  was THE place to be last month!2009-11-151

As for the actual reenactment, we were not so thrilled.  The boys thought it was interesting but awfully loud while Pretty Girl was absolutely petrified by the blasts.  We ended up cowering as far away from the fighting as possible, which at least was more historically accurate than standing around idly watching like the other spectators.

The only disappointment of the day was that we had not worn our Revolutionary coats (see here) to match the real players. (I had been told it was a Civil War Reenactment.  Next year we’ll know.  Maybe Pretty Girl and I will have matching dresses by then.)  Click here if you don’t see the video of my children playing with sharp objects.

Oh, and I absolutely promise that tomorrow, in honor of my due date, I will post what I’ve ACTUALLY been doing for the past week.  You don’t want to miss the exciting news.


2 Responses to “Playing with hoops, rings and hatchets”

  1. Roseanne Yoakum

    OK, yes, you are an uber-organized, amazing mom of four that can, and does, do absolutely everything and anything well. Creative isn’t even close in describing you, and one can tell that from just reading your blog. You are raising exceptionally behaved and caring kids who will know something about everything and who will excel in whatever their hearts desire. There is no limit to what you can do or might do. You make time for family and friends and seem to keep your husband happy while you are being so accomplished. Now I know why I never got married. I would expect this much of myself and I know I wouldn’t have come close! You and your family are a joy!

  2. Vee

    Cute pictures. Maggie and Mike loved going to this when we were there. How fun. I never made it, but I wish I had. Look at all these posts! You are amazing. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

    Barefoot says: I had never heard of it. What else am I missing in my own backyard?