If I don’t eat bonbons and watch soap operas, how SHOULD I spend my days?

Posted On November 21, 2009

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While I recover from making, birthing and now feeding a baby, my incredible husband has been waiting on me hand and foot, entertaining 3 kids and keeping the house spotless.  Watching him it occurred to me for the first time ever that motherhood and housewifehood is a full time job.  (I’m a little dense I know).

Kind people have been bringing us meals so he hasn’t even been cooking, just heating, and he hasn’t been doing school or laundry, yet he is busy all day.

Hmmm.  Food for thought for me as I lay around doing nothing all day and wonder how many days can go by in unproductivity.

I am always so busy.  Sewing, organizing, reading, teaching.  What is this crazy race I’m trying to win?  Would we be better served by a mother who keeps the house spotless instead of always trying to play catchup?  Are there even bigger things I’m missing?

I have a friend who is on a quest to find my passion in life.  She asked me recently “If all your sewing projects were finished and your house was suddenly completely organized, how would you spend your time?”  I couldn’t comprehend the question.  What would your answer be?
(Photos taken on Little Man’s 6th day of life.  Sentiments expressed on day10).


3 Responses to “If I don’t eat bonbons and watch soap operas, how SHOULD I spend my days?”

  1. Sally

    So Cute! He looks like his brothers!

  2. Vee

    He is darling. I think he looks like Prince. I know how you would spend your time, you would be at the park with me while our kids played. 🙂 That’s definitely where I would be if I could choose what to do if my house was organized and clean.

  3. The Lazy Organizer

    I think I would start planting things in my yard besides weeds.

    I think mothering is definitely a full time job when they’re little but as they get older it gets a lot easier. Then you have time to do things like write a book. Crazy things like that. What is your book going to be about?