Best dinner ever and gender differences explained

Posted On November 25, 2009

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My husband is a perfectionist.  He is one of those people who thinks nothing is worth doing unless you can do it 100%.  That means if he won’t clean the car unless he has 4 hours but when he’s finished, you could eat off the tires.  When I fry up peppers and onions I toss them in a pan with a little oil and stir until they are done.  I took the picture below to show how my husband cooks.  It is a process.  A very exacting process.  I think he used a ruler to evenly space those puppies.

The end result was the best meal ever – fajitas with homemade tortillas.  Peppers, onions, chicken, salsa, cheese and more peppers and onions.  I know that’s not exactly a recipe.  For how to season the veggies and chicken you’ll have to read my husband’s blog.  Oh wait.  He doesn’t have one.  But he did recently discover facebook so befriend him there and ask.  And tell him his wife is hungry for more peppers and onions.


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  1. The Lazy Organizer

    That is hysterical. My husband is the same way about everything, especially in the kitchen and he likes to cook too. It takes him two hours to chop the veggies into perfect matchsticks using a ruler. Then he’ll use every pan in the house and spend another hour cooking them just right.