I did the crime. I will pay the time.

Posted On November 27, 2009

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At our house out of control behavior is rewarded with a timeout.    Only in the past few months has Pretty Girl ventured far enough from angelhood to experience timeout, with mild success.  I spent most of her requisite minute keeping her on her chair begging her to stop crying long enough to hear the timer ding.

Then my friend mentioned that she used a stroller for timeout and I realized my mistake.  The next time she misbehaved I asked the boys to get one of their belts.  While they delighted in taking such an active role in their sister’s agony, I strapped the little cherub to the dining room chair.  She screamed the entire time (having just had a birthday her time has now doubled to two torturous minutes).

Tonight she was quite put out with Tackler and in her sweet little girl way, proceeded to beat him up.  He received a left jab, a right cross, and a devil of a hair pull.  I was feeding the baby and was quite exhausted from cooking Thanksgiving dinner (post to come) and did not have the hands or strength to enforce a timeout.  I sent her there anyway and thankfully needed neither.  Pretty Girl hopped off the couch and marched proudly to the dining room.  She climbed on her chair and sat happily and quietly until the timer dinged.  Then she hopped back off her chair and ran happily to my arms.  She seemed quite pleased to pay two minutes for the punches she delivered.  Who says crime doesn’t pay?


2 Responses to “I did the crime. I will pay the time.”

  1. Vee

    How precious is that tear on her face. I love that she can hold her own. I’ve discovered that even though she has found it now, it took Bug a lot longer than Monkey to learn to stand her ground. She didn’t have the advantage of having boys for best friends. Could we work on that? 🙂

  2. The Lazy Organizer

    She’s a fast learner. Just don’t tell people I told you to duct tape her to the wall or anything. That sad face is just adorable.

    We really need to get this blanket time thing figured out so I don’t have to keep walking out of my church meetings to put my baby in time out.