Happy Birthday Pretty Girl

Posted On December 1, 2009

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5 days before Little Man made his entrance, we celebrated Pretty Girl’s 2nd birthday.  I spent a lot of time creating a fun video for you of all the little clips we recorded but since You Tube and Picasa are conspiring against me, you do not get to see it unless you visit me in person.  She was absolutely hilarious to watch open her presents.  With the exception of a doll, her presents were all clothes and she couldn’t have been more pleased.  She ooohed.  And aaahhhed.  And gave the funniest expressions on each new outfit.  We have another clothes horse to add to our mix. 

She is sporting her new birthday pants and her “2” birthday shirt.  Mom forgot her birthday crown (how does one forget something THAT important?).  Come back tomorrow and you get to see all the other clothes I made or altered for her.  I had fun indulging her clothes horseyness.  Little girl clothes are just SO much fun.  Who doesn’t need more than can fit in one’s closet?


One Response to “Happy Birthday Pretty Girl”

  1. Sally

    So cute! I love her cheesy smile!