Swimsuits and snowstorms

Posted On December 5, 2009

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It was supposed to snow today.  My husband was disappointed because he was hoping to rake the leaves before the first snowfall.  I was disappointed because I was hoping to avoid winter this year.  We are a week into December and it has been warmer here than it was in June this year.  (Ok, maybe not quite but it feels like it).  A month ago my kids were still wearing swimsuits.  (Ok, so they shouldn’t have been but they were).  When dad came home he asked why Pretty Girl was painting in her swimsuit.  I was doing a closet clean and was trying to get it to the basement for the winter.  She found it and declared it “Mine”.  And wore it all day.  You don’t argue with a 2 year old you know.  Besides, it was easier to clean up after the painting session.


Everyone is doing a contest these days so I thought I’d join in the fun.  Dad needs a blog name.  Please leave a comment with your brilliant ideas.  The winner will receive a warm fuzzy feeling every time I use their suggestion.

P.S.  It didn’t snow.  But it’s cold (so I’m not satisfied) and it rained (so the leaves still didn’t get raked).  There’s just no pleasing some people.


3 Responses to “Swimsuits and snowstorms”

  1. Tante

    Tip Tap (because thats what I’ve always called him), Sir, Pops, SCF(Super Cowboy Fanatic)…I’ll keep thinking.

  2. The Lazy Organizer

    How about Manly? Or Lord and Master?

    I’m sorry about the cold. Things aren’t any better here. I’ve never complained about the cold before but if you’re going to be such a baby about it I’ve decided I will too. I’m tired of being cold!

  3. Mutti

    I vote for Lord and Master! That suits! …besides, I can’t argue with the wisdom of my newly adopted daughter, can I? Sure sounds like she needs a Mom Visit! I will try to work it in soon! Hang in there, Lara!