I like tacos on my pizza

Posted On December 10, 2009

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The kids and I like to sing a funny sign language song designed to practice food signs.  It can contain any crazy combination you like and goes something like this:  I like apples on my pizza, lots and lots of apples please.  On the apples put some popcorn, on the popcorn, put some icecream, on the icecream, put some tacos, don’t forget the extra cheeeeeese.

Apples and tacos on pizza?  Yuck! 

Our new favorite pizza reminds me of this song.  It’s called Taco Pizza and it is divine. Ok, so I turned my nose up at it the first dozen times I heard about it and scoffed at my husband when he wanted to make it but now I beg for it whenever we have pizza.  You want pizza?  Sure!  Let’s mix up some taco meat!

I’m not sure of the exact recipe because the master chef is in charge of this one but basically it is a layer of salsa (or pizza sauce.  That helps huh?  I think he did it both ways), then a THICK layer of taco meat.  Then cheddar cheese and salsa.  Bake 5 (?) minutes less than required and add on an EXTRA THICK layer of shredded lettuce and tomatoes and bake 5 (?) more minutes.
Try it and let me know if you’re converted.


2 Responses to “I like tacos on my pizza”

  1. Sally

    Looks yummy. We sing that song here too – the kids love that CD.

  2. Mutti

    I like the song, too! We should have asked the master chef to make this while I was there so I could vote for or against. Is it actually on pizza crust?