If I haven’t been blogging, what HAVE I been doing?

Posted On December 20, 2009

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Well, first of all, I had a baby.  That counts for something right?

My mom was here for 3 weeks.  I think we did a lot.  It didn’t seem like it at the time but when I consider how little I’ve done since then, my perspective changes.  Of course, we got a slow start because the first week I slept, recovered, read two books and fed a baby.  A lot.  I also changed a couple diapers.  I mean a couple hundred.

The doctor had two important questions for me.

Q: How often does he eat?  A: You mean it’s not supposed to be continuous?

Q: How often does he poop?  A: Whenever I put a clean diaper on him.

Thankfully the hospital sent me home with a couple packages of diapers.  More thankfully the hospital sent me home with a TON of diapers two years ago with Pretty Girl.  I cloth diapered her so I had some extras.  By week 3 we were out of our mountain and I started cloth diapering him as well. However, none of the diapers I had from his sister fit Little Man, so I got to work.

My first attempt was from a dolly pattern: (picture taken on Momma’s camera so check back later to see it).  That diaper was TOO small.

I altered the pattern a little and came up with this darling yellow diaper which he has now almost outgrown.  Too bad because he was absolutely thrilled with it as you can see.

I made two more and perfected my pattern then after my mom left I whipped up another 3.

My mom crocheted some popcorn (See  HERE) and made a baby (wait for the picture), we worked on stockings for Prince and Tackler which neither kid wants, and made Christmas and birthday presents for my niece which I can’t WAIT to show off.  There are hints for both in the bottom picture if my sister in law reads this.

How did I do all this sewing with a newborn who refuses to be set down?  I learned to hold a baby with no hands.  Trickier, I learned to sew with no hands. I even learned how to bounce a baby with my left leg while pressing the sewing machine pedal with my right foot.  When that becomes an Olympic sport I should be a shoo-in.

Mom and I crossed things off our list at a rate of one a week.  Which would have been okay except we added things at a rate of one a day.  I was searching the internet one night for brilliancy and exclaimed “Yeah!  I found my niece’s Christmas present.”  My mom said “Oh, good.  I thought we were going to have to make it!”  Maybe we would have accomplished more if we didn’t find each other quite so hilarious.  More fun pictures of my projects and my adorable baby to come.


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  1. The Lazy Organizer

    Those snuggly pictures are too sweet for words and why? Why do we have to wait to see the dolly? You’re just mean. I expect a photo in my inbox by tonight.

    Barefoot says: Oh. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be mean. The dolly is wrapped and under the tree. She missed her appt for a photo shoot….unless my mom took a picture and puts it up on HER blog. Mom?