How much trouble could a 2 yr old cause in 5 minutes do you suppose?

Posted On December 22, 2009

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Pretty Girl had a busy day on Saturday.  When her brother discovered her and called for me, I found she had

A) Pooped in her unie pannies and had a heap of wipes to clean up the mess.

B) Cut her hair

C) Was applying lipstick

All in a day’s work for a two year old eh?

A) My first thought was thankfulness because though her unie pannies were still around her ankles she had not used the wipes to clean.  Last time it happened there was a bigger mess with poopy wipes than there was before she helped.  I begged her to tell me next time.

B) My thankfulness flew out the window and my heart sank when I saw a small pile of whispy blonde hairs on the carpet.  I searched her head and was ever so thankful that she just increased her bangs.   I have lately been thinking she needs to graduate from baby hair (all coming from the crown) to girl hair (bangs but the rest going back) but she made that a little harder.  Other than that, not much damage done thankfully.  I was worried she might have cut off her long baby curls which probably won’t grow back once they are gone.  I vowed to keep sissors AWAY from her from now on.  She asks before cutting material.  Think I could get her to pay as much homage to her own body?

C) She didn’t do too bad a job.  Maybe next time I’ll let her try mascara.


One Response to “How much trouble could a 2 yr old cause in 5 minutes do you suppose?”

  1. Vee

    Geez, don’t you keep your scissors put away? hehe. This post made me feel better about my own “pretty girl”. Except we have way too many days like that. sigh.
    I like your idea about the mascara. I might have to try that. I remember having to wear that for dance recitals as a kid and it made me swear off makeup until I was a teenager, might have the same effect on my two year old. hmmm.

    Barefoot says: Of COURSE you know I was thinking of you when it happened! I would have called you but I couldn’t talk due to the foot in my mouth.