2 Day Soup (Think once; cook twice)

Posted On December 24, 2009

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Day 1: Throw chicken and a jar of salsa into the crockpot.  Eat dinner.  Leave leftovers in crockpot.

Day 2: Use a fork to roughly shred whatever chicken is left.

Add the following:


Black beans

Frozen “Parsley”

Some sort of grain like rice or noodles

Some more water if it isn’t quite soupy enough for you.  Heat in crock and eat.

Note for those who are not familiar with frozen parsley:

“Yuck, is that spinach in the soup?”  “No, it’s parsley.”  “Oh yum!  I love parsley!”  Some day I suppose I should fess up but for now they love spinach – – just don’t tell them.


2 Responses to “2 Day Soup (Think once; cook twice)”

  1. Sally

    It looks good! I love the frozen ‘parsley’. Kind of like the ‘music’ truck that drives through our neighborhood in the summer. The kids are going to be angry someday when they realize that ‘music’ truck sells ice cream!

  2. The Lazy Organizer

    Do you think it would be good without the chicken?

    I had no idea you were the type of person to lie to your children. You probably let them believe in Santa Claus too don’t you? Lovely wants to know where he lives and what he does during the day and why a man pretends to dress up like Santa and what is his real name.