Happy 4th Birthday to my 6 year olds!

Posted On December 30, 2009

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We celebrated the twins 4th birthday this year.  They were 5 last year and I handled that ok but 6 just sounded really old so I sent them back to 4.  They handled it very maturely.  They ignored me.  And corrected me.  Very good naturedly.  I was impressed.  Maybe they really are 6.  I don’t feel old enough for them to be 6 though.

We had a quiet celebration.  Just the family.  Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, and the Grandparents who are neither my parents nor Warrior’s parents but hold the important distinction of “Grandparents who LIVE nearby”.  They provided the football icecream cake.

The outfits were provided by their Aunt and Uncle who spoil them rotten.  I finally washed them tonight.  Two weeks later.  They wore them every single day.  These are kids who go through 3 outfits a day.  At night they put on their pajamas, then put these outfits back on top until bedtime.

The hat and shoes were from Warrior. I KNOW you didn’t think I had anything to do with Yankee hats or black tennis shoes.  So what did I do?  Nothing I guess.  I did all the hard stuff 6 years ago.  Happy 4th Birthday boys!


3 Responses to “Happy 4th Birthday to my 6 year olds!”

  1. Vee

    Aww. Happy Birthday to my boys. Can I call them that since one of them will be my son in law someday? 🙂 They could both be if Bug jumps on the bandwagon as well! hehe. They do look so grown up. And I think you are handling it quite well. Tell those “grandparents” hi for me as well.

  2. Sally

    Cute boys! I need some grandparents that live close to me!

  3. Mutti

    Tell her you are SIX! Happy Birthday, Boys! I am really sorry we missed the celebration, but are so grateful for the Grandparents who LIVE close by! We truly are!