It takes more than a pretty face

Posted On January 10, 2010

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Pretty Girl discovered baby dolls this summer while visiting Momma’s (my mom) house this summer (that’s what grandmothers are for right?)  So the next week when we visited Grammy (Warrior’s mom), she bought her a doll (that’s what grandmothers are for right?)

Of course she loved the doll (named Baby) and insisted on having it with her at all times.  Wonderful.  Except you know me, I wanted her to have a cloth doll.  So I asked my mom if she had a pattern for a doll I could make for Christmas.  She scanned and emailed me three patterns to choose from and offered to make it (that’s what mothers are for right?).

At her 2nd birthday, Pretty Girl received another plastic doll (named BeeBee and once Little Man also calls him by Little Man’s name).  She loves him more than Baby but of course the older kids always get neglected when a new baby is born.

When my mom was here in November we worked together on the doll.  She did the thinking, cutting, and detail work.  I did the machine sewing because she only likes to sew on her antique of a Singer machine she got in college.  I don’t know that I really get the credit but since she hasn’t blogged it yet (check back here for when she does), I’m taking a little credit.

Notice the belly button (have you ever seen anything so cute?) and the heart (what do you mean our hearts aren’t heart shaped?) and the diaper (which if you remember was supposed to be for Little Man but was just a little small).

She also has a dress, bloomers and sunbonnet. What’s not to love?  My mom did a fantastic job on the face and Pretty Girl named her Pretty Dolly.  She said I am Pretty Dolly.  What a compliment.  Except I don’t think she meant I was pretty.  I think the connection she’s making is that she wants nothing to do with the doll except when forced upon her (by me).  I tried to hide the other two but Warrior said that was mean.  (So?)  I now have desperate plans to make Pretty Girl and Pretty Dolly a whole wardrobe of matching outfits.  Something has to sway her to MY pick of dolls.


2 Responses to “It takes more than a pretty face”

  1. lazyorganizer

    It’s perfect!! I don’t know what it is with children (and adults) and plastic. My girls would rather wrap their babies in a wet dirty dish rag than use a hand made doll quilt and they like plastic dolls better too. I just put the last of them in the donation box. Wait there are two more that MIL spent a bajillion dollars on that I won’t be able to give away. I’ll just keep them hidden in a box I guess.

    I’m still mad at you two for going behind my back and making this doll when I still don’t have dolls for my girls. I’m going to go order a pattern right now. That will show you.

    P.S. I need better pictures taken during the day without a flash. Get to it.

    • barefootquilter

      i know isnt she beautiful? i cant wait around for you to do dolls. you think sewing is a waste of time. that was my moms camera but at least it a pix. ill work on downloading my pix someday.