Hip Hip Hooray for Hipp Hipp Hippo

Posted On January 12, 2010

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My niece is absurdly in love with Hippos so my sister in law found a darling hippo print in this etsy shop for her bathroom.

Since my sister in law is the one who first taught me to make hairbows I decided to make her daughter a hippo hair bow holder to match the picture.  I used my own birdie holder as a starting point but I like the hippo much better and think I need to make Pretty Girl a new holder.

Of course, no hair bow holder is complete without a few bows.  The blue pair is my absolute favorite so I duplicated it for our own collection.  

Which reminds me – I finally opened my shop.  I mean, everyone else is on that bandwagon.  Of course, there’s nothing in it but you’re free to go look at the empty shelves and tell me how pretty they are.  And then tell me what you want in there cause I have no idea what to sell and I’m horrible at figuring out how much to charge but if I don’t brag that I own a shop now too I’ll never remember the link.  Ok, honestly I opened it 6 months ago but forgot the link until now.

So happy shopping.  Really.  Humor me.  Go here.


5 Responses to “Hip Hip Hooray for Hipp Hipp Hippo”

  1. Sally

    I’m jealous that Pretty Girl has enough hair to hold a bow. Sigh. I like your shop – it has a very cute picture even if there is nothing in it.

  2. lazyorganizer

    Cute! So what is this shop for? Are you going to sell hair bows or all kinds of things? I could really use some hair bows and clips. Learn how to make these flowers and I will buy them all up. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38602139

  3. Anonymous

    Really good posts. Sorry I haven’t checked in on them in awhile. You do a great job with them. Maybe you should publish them and sell the book in your store.

  4. Mutti

    I’ll take a 16 x 20 print of that picture, please!

  5. lazyorganizer

    Are you almost finished with my hair flowers?