It’s all just one big party around here

Posted On January 18, 2010

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I feel the absurd urge to make you jealous of all the revelry that occurred over here at the end of 2009.  First, Thanksgiving.

My dad was planning to come out for Little Man’s blessing and cook us up a mighty fine turkey.  But he got stuck in the salt mines instead.  I did Thanksgiving one year and it was spectacular.  I always fear that I won’t be able to repeat perfection so I’m afraid to try.  Plus we didn’t have any friends to invite.  Plus Warrior had to work.  Plus I just had a baby.  Equals one incredibly pathetic Thanksgiving.  I opted for foregoing the whole holiday because without a houseful of friends and family, what is the point?

At the last minute I decided to only be halfway pathetic.  What we got was pathetic but at least pathetically comical.

Our feast included the following:

  • Turkey (actually Michigan Chicken)
  • Stuffing (actually leftover rice)
  • Rocks (actually Rhodes rolls.  Why can I make rolls from scratch but when I try the cheater method they fall flat?  However, baked in a cube of butter they were the tastiest rocks you’ve ever tried)
  • Sweet potatoes (actually sweet potatoes – this was the one dish that was actually made correctly)
  • Pie (actually a store bought disgusting tin of artificial whatevers.  I really can’t stand storebought sweets and this pie was among the worst).

Our delectable faire was only matched by our revelers:

  • Grandpa (stuck out west)
  • Warrior (asleep.  He ran a 5k road race in the morning then came home and went to bed so he could get up and work a double that night.)
  • Pretty Girl (asleep.  She was part of the cheering section at the race and came home tired and slept through our raucous party)
  • Grandma, Me, two 5 year olds.

I am sure you blogged about your thankful day two months ago but if you can top mine for celebratory madness, I want to hear about it.

In the meantime, come back tomorrow because Christmas was even more thrilling.


2 Responses to “It’s all just one big party around here”

  1. birthathomemom

    Oh my, how fun. I was just not into Thanksgiving this past year. We got really lucky and banded together with two other families in the same boat, but the funny thing is, both of them ended up getting a second wind and making large amounts of food… not me! I felt kind of funny showing up with some dinky dessert and a bottle of apple cider.

  2. lazyorganizer

    Man that looks fancy. I can’t believe I wasn’t invited.