Cancun is calling my name

Posted On January 23, 2010

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Where would you move if you could move anywhere?  It’s a question we discuss occasionally (daily) around here.  A couple weeks ago we had a bit of snow.  Almost 2 feet in one storm.  I love the snow.   Well, I love the snow when:

  • the sun is shining and warm
  • the snow is on a mountain
  • I’m wearing skiis

That was kind of how it was with this storm except:

  • the sun didn’t shine
  • it was not the least bit warm
  • the only mountain was a mountain of snow in my driveway
  • though I was sadly not wearing skiis, I was wearing slippers instead of snowboots.

Warrior had to work a double that morning so the missionaries came over for a rough workout and a well deserved breakfast.  They had help from Tackler but it still took them a few hours.

I stayed inside taking pictures of my babies and dreaming of a warmer climate in my future.

People keep asking me how Pretty Girl is handling the adjustment from Princess of the Universe to Miss “Who is this usurper?”

She had a rough month or so at the beginning – feeling ousted and unsure of her place in our little family – but she has never shown anything but adoration for her baby brother.

She understands it isn’t his fault that mom has 4 kids and only 3 arms.


3 Responses to “Cancun is calling my name”

  1. Sally

    I don’t ever like snow, at anytime. VERY CUTE pictures of your babies, so adorable together.

  2. Vi

    I love the pictures of them together- they are too cute! Loved his big smile he gave me today too!!

  3. Roseanne

    Very sweeet, Pretty Girl & Little Man together. Glad she has adjusted. For today…