A happy Christmas to all and to all a good night

Posted On January 28, 2010

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Are you one of those silly people who thinks Christmas ended way back in December?  Or thinks that December ended way back in 2009?  Ready for our December recap?  Apparently we did more than I thought we did.

We started off December by making my quicky whole wheat loaf.  Momma wanted to learn and of course we put it off until the day she was leaving.  In between packing bags I made her stir.  Poor thing.  She didn’t even get to taste it and I would say she was practically home before it was finished but since she got caught in a snowstorm and took two days to get home, it’s actually more honest to say it was practically gone by the time she got home.  Guess she has to make it herself now.  Which was the whole point anyway.

One day I gathered all my strength, climbed into the attic and pulled out the Christmas tree.  I pushed it down the stairs where it sat for a couple days while I recovered.  This little elf (in her baby brother’s hat) admired the heap of plastic evergreen, little suspecting it would eventually be pretty.  After I said “if we don’t decorate soon there won’t be much point in bothering”, Warrior and the kids set up the tree and hung ornaments while I helped by lounging in bed all day.  This picture of the tree was after some adjustments by Pretty Girl.  The first day it was rather stunning. If I can find the picture I will (not) post it.  Come on people.  It’s almost January.  Are you STILL thinking about Christmas?

Little Man had his first evening without mom.  More shocking, mom had her first evening without Little Man.  On a bitter cold evening I took the kids to a Christmas musical shadow play.  It was an experience.  Interesting.  Nice to get out.  Fun to see my kids dressed up nicely.  Not exactly the “Christmas Carol” memories from my childhood but you have to start somewhere.  In the picture Pretty Girl is getting all the babies ready for dad to watch.  I know he took good care of Little Man.  I’m really not sure if he neglected all the other babies.

We had a FHE lesson on sharing our blessings and the gladness of the season.  The kids and I made cookies, caramel corn and cute little tealight candles which were a whole lot darker and cuter on the blog we copied, wherever that link went.  I spent one day munching caramel corn and one day smacking my hand every time I walked past. Finally I sewed up darling little bags and packaged them up.  We only barely had enough corn.  Can you imagine if I’d had to make (and eat) another batch?

Warrior worked a bajillion double shifts right in a row.

Really.  A bajillion.  I know.  I counted. So we could not deliver our goodies.  Thankfully my visiting teaching companion stopped by to grab some of them.  I think she just wanted to hold Little Man.  She’s waiting impatiently for grandchildren from the teenager sitting on her left who wouldn’t even hold Little Man for fear she would break him.  Or he would poop on her.  I think grandchildren are a pipe dream.

We made sugar cookies.  Everyone got to pick two colors.  Nobody picked the same two colors.  We had a LOT of colors.  And it took a lot of convincing to make Pretty Girl share “my pink” and “my purple”.  Again, I spent a day eating sugar cookies.  I did not have to spend the second day smacking my hand because I (and Santa) ate them all the first day.  I’m getting smarter.  And fatter.

And then finally it was Christmas.  So we did nothing.  Don’t tell my kids.  Rather than make the kids wait until 3:30pm on the 25th

when Dad got home from his 5th double in 6 days, we decided to postpone Christmas.  But only after a lot of discussion.

“Dad, what day is Christmas?”

“Ask your mom”

“Mom, what day is Christmas?”

“Either Friday or Saturday.  I’m not sure.”

“What do you mean you’re not sure?”

“I’m just not sure.”

On Thursday morning Warrior called to say he would not be working.  Then 20 minutes after I told the kids Christmas was Friday, he found out he WAS working.

“Kids!  Guess what!  Christmas is Saturday.”

“You said it was Friday.”

“I was wrong.  It’s Saturday.  Isn’t that GREAT!?”

Thankfully the only calendar at our house is high enough for 6’4″ Warrior to see.  At one point Prince checked his pocket planner but thankfully it was from 2005.

The day after (the day after) Christmas, we went to Warrior’s nephew’s house for a family gathering to celebrate the Birth of our Savior and watch the Cowboys win (I won’t mention which monumental event was a higher focus of the evening.)

For me the highlights were wondering why it took three pictures to get a photo of all the members of our little family and trying to figure out what to do with my hands while my nieces and sister in law cuddled my baby.  I fidgeted.  I squirmed.  I looked for a floor to mop.  I felt naked without either a baby or a chore to rush through.

I THOUGHT this marathon post included our entire year but I just realized the boys also had a birthday.  Stay tuned for that.  And Halloween.  And then I promise I’ll think about starting a new decade.


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  1. lazyorganizer

    Don’t you hate it when Christmas can’t figure out what day it’s supposed to come on?

    That little fleece baby is adorable! And so is that little family that doesn’t know how to sit still for pictures.

    Do you know you name your Christmas posts the same thing every year? Or almost the same thing. If it were me it would be an accident because there is no way I could remember to do that on purpose.